Going green? Use these eco-friendly bags for your shopping needs. They hold a ton of stuff, fold for storage, are washable and come in a wide variety of prints.  Perfect for toting to the farmer's market, grocers, flea market, the beach, the library, when traveling or as a handy diaper bag.

Each French Market Bag has four pockets -  two on the outside and two on the inside.  Handle length is 24" - perfect for over the shoulder use.  I use a firm, but soft interfacing inside the handles to make them extra-sturdy and to give them a cushiony hand. Messenger bag (across the chest) handles are available for an additional $3.00.

Fabrics used for these bags are sturdy decorator prints, denims or twills.  Interior fabrics are carefully selected to coordinate with the exterior. Due to the way they are constructed, all of the French Market Bags are reversible and for further versatility they can be used open as a large tote or tied closed which creates their unique shape.

This bag is available in two different sizes:

  • Small 14" x 14" (the dimensions of a good-sized handbag) $25-$30
  • Large 18" x 18" $35-$40